Exclusive/ The secretary of the Socialist Party asks to have sex with the infant girl in exchange of work


Agron Cane, denounced from the citizen, A. B.

SCANDAL IN SARANDA/ The conversations of the SP MP’s secretary with the mother of four children asking sexual intercourse with her infant daughter. “You, your daughter and I, the three of us, will lie in the bed together. Under your control she will be your pupil, hence, phone to her to come; I am looking forward to her”.

By Telnis Skuqi
SARANDË – Wish to not have any trouble and ask for a job in the state administration as the representative of the socialist MP’s office will ask the virginity of your 14 year old daughter.
A.B., the mother of four infant children had the trust that her employment would be easier thanks to the opening of the SP MP’s office in Vlora region, Koço Kokëdhima.
By beginning of March, A. B., meets the secretary of the MP, Agron Cane, to ask for a job to him.
He showed his readiness to help this woman without husband.
“My husband died accidentally five years ago, while he was working as a bricklayer. He remained dead in the pavement from the scaffold of a building under construction”, tells A.B with few words her life story.
A.B., says that her economic situation has become harder after the tragedy.
“I live extremely bad, but these, who have come into power, ask the virginity of my daughter”, she says.
According to her, the secretary of Koço Kokëdhima (SP MP), Agron Cane has asked to bill and coo with her daughter in exchange of material goods.
“Until yesterday I was thirsty of the Socialist Party, but I have been really mistaken”, says A.B
Hence, A.B., asks me to help her with a hidden camera, and as she expresses she wants to give a message to the others to understand what happens with the people in need when they go to ask for a job.
“Please, help me. I have gone many times to open my heart to the secretary and he is asking back flirtation. This behavior is not by chance”, says in tears A.B.
“I do not want to give the most precious thing to that bastard”, she emphasizes, adding that “there is not a bigger shame than a 60 year old man humiliating your daughter”.

Agron Cane, former military officer, married with two children, asks to predominate every aspect of the A.B.’s life, and as he is saying in the hidden camera: “I will keep your daughter as a flower”.
“You have already surpassed all the difficulties and you are powerful”, Agron Cane is encouraging the mother of the 14 year old girl.
Agron is ready to help this family when he will be elected the mayor of Saranda.
During the conversation between the two protagonists that took place in the second floor of the local branch of the Socialist Party that is located near to the museum of the coastal town, Agron shows the signs of happiness, as he thinks he achieved his seven month goal.
“I, you and the girl will lie, the three of us, in the bed. Do not worry”, Agron assures the mother of the 14 year old girl.
Agron has become crazy after the tender body of the pupil of the eight grade of the “9-Tetori” nine-grade school, and he even tries to pretend being a professional on sex subject.
Furthermore, Agron expresses that sex is the most beautiful thing, at a time that the trust on him has to be maximal, as according to him, he is a mature man and he likes to flirt with young women, in addition he will have sex slowly.
“You do not have to worry. Your daughter has become a fixation on me. Her friends have done this thing a long time ago. I stamp on it. She will be released as she has a lot of hormones, the girl needs to have sex”, advises Agron Cane.
“You know how is the issue with the female, continues Agron, – like Vasiliko (a flower), which the more you water, the better becomes its leaf, whereas the female, the earlier has sex, the freshest is she”.
Agron says that the girl will not have any harm during the sexual intercourse, adding that even the cock will lay eggs for the 14 year old girl, meaning all the goods that she will benefit when he will be elected the Saranda mayor.
“I do not want to say many words, as seems like boasting, but God willing, and I am elected the mayor of municipality, you have to know that your daughter will make her future”, expresses Agron Cane.
Agron asks the mother of the infant girl to have trust on him, because if she (the mother) does not trust him once, then her daughter will not trust him ten times more.
During the investigation, Agron has begged A.B. two times to phone to the 14 year old girl to come in his office, as he simply wants to get her ready for the final act.
“You have your daughter under your complete control. I see it on your eyes. Being under your control she will be your student, hence, phone her to come, I am looking forward to her”, says Agron Cane.
Continuing the conversation, Agron tells that tens of females have begged to have sex with him, but he has not accepted them, saying that he is not a sexual maniac.
“I am not a maniac, as I have a wife. I like the beautiful things and I do this with pleasure”, tells Agron Cane in the hidden camera.


There is nothing harder for a mother to give in with her hands the honor of her family, especially when such a thing is asked by a perverse person like the secretary of the left-wing party of Vlora region.
“The abuse with power and with the people in need is the most serious crime caused to the society”, says a psychologist from Saranda, who prefers to remain unidentified on respect to the anonymity of the 14 year old girl.
According to her, this perverse man, being at the same time a pedophile, must not be part of the society.
“Legally, Agron Cane cannot be sentenced to imprisonment, as he has not carried out any penal act, but morally he deserves a punishment; we have to do with people who are totally irresponsible and with a weak morality”, says the psychologist after she carefully listened to the hidden camera.
The psychologist emphasizes that these cases do not have any revelation since the very beginning, as these episodes happen under unimagined conditions and circumstances.
“Agron Cane is the person that is gifted in this “field”, as some decades ago, time when he was chief commander of the Saranda brigade, he has been identified for a similar case, which was closed down with only a remark, to not discriminate the Albanian army”, says the 50 year old physiologist.
Furthermore, the psychologist says that Agron Cane is unlucky in this story, whereas Koço Kokëdhima is the one you must have pity, as the later has chosen the wrong person.
“I do not want to believe that Koço Kokëdhima has made him secretary to “massacre” the tender girls or to kneel the mothers in need, but he is not forgiven for allowing someone to abuse with his trust. This is unforgivable”, says the psychologist.
To her, this story must be a lesson to each employee of the public administration, as in essence the institutions function to protect the people in need and not to “grab” the girlhood of the 14 year old girls, like the case of Agron Cane.
“Agron is at an age where the mistakes are not forgiven, but totally the contrary happens with a 14 year old girl. It is hard to her to be integrated after stealing her childhood. A spiritual trauma needs several decades to be healed”, explains the psychologist. What a shame!” she concludes.


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